The Safety Center

Protect your valuables

It's your responsibility to do what you can to protect both your own valuables as well as company property you use. Here are some ground rules:

  • Don't leave wallets in coat pockets, on desk tops or in unlocked drawers
  • Don't leave money in desk drawers overnight, whether they are locked or not. You are accountable for any lost or stolen expense account money for which you have been given responsibility.
  • Keep all entrance doors locked at all times. Never prop doors open that lead into workspace. If you notice any unsecured door call Facilities, x4931, ASAP so they can get it fixed.
  • If you see strangers in the office, particularly after hours, please ask if you can help them.  If you remain suspicious, call Building Security once the stranger is out of sight. The security number is 1111 for emergencies. After you have informed Security call Claudia Hicks x4953.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for any losses of personal property here at the office. The company does not carry insurance for this.