Where do I get offsite storage boxes? Send an e-mail request to Records Management, and offsite storage boxes will be delivered to you. Do not use these boxes for moving or general storage of materials in your office.
What about offsite storage of dimensionals, odd sized materials, and electronic data?
Send a detailed e-mail to Records Management, and we will get back to you.
What about records on my PC? Paper and digital records are treated the same for purposes of records management. Digital records may be vital or non-vital to the company. To properly handle them, refer to your records retention policy or ask your management.
How do I retrieve an offsite box? Send an e-mail request to Records Management. Specify the permanent box number, urgency, and your workspace number. You can expect a one-day turnaround in most cases
I have an offsite box in my workspace that is ready to go offsite again. How do I get it refiled?
Send an e-mail request to Records Management. Specify your workspace number. We will "process" it and send it back off-site generally within a week.
Once a box is sent offsite, my work is done, right? Wrong! You need to file the Transmittal Form in the central location designated by your group. At the end of the retention period of the box’s contents, you will be asked whether the box may be destroyed. If you say "yes", you should note the destruction date on the Transmittal Form. Otherwise, it will appear that the box is still offsite