Records Management Dos and Don'ts

Keep accurate, up-to-date records of materials stored offsite and destroyed.
Use only Records Management boxes unless the materials that you are sending offsite do not fit.
Organize offsite boxes so that the contents have the same destruction date.
Fill up each offsite box.
Be as descriptive as possible on offsite transmittal forms
Send an e-mail to Records Management for all types of requests
Be patient when requesting the retrieval of offsite boxes, and return the boxes to offsite as soon as possible.
Review your files against the records retention schedules before you switch accounts/ assignments.
Let your records lapse.
Use moving boxes, photocopy paper boxes, etc.
Mix records having different destruction dates in the same box.
Send partial boxes offsite.
Use your own abbreviations or be vague.
Leave a Records Management request on voicemail without confirming it in writing in an e-mail.
Accumulate offsite boxes in your department if you are no longer referring to their contents.
Ask the new person on the account/ assignment to review your files